1066 and all that

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Four years ago today, I started writing this blog. Frankly, I can’t remember why I decided to do share the design and construction of my layout with the world – but it doesn’t really matter.

I’m glad I did.

If one were to draw a plan of my layout today, it would look very similar to the plan I drew in 2011. But the layout has evolved considerably over the past four years in ways that aren’t apparent when looking at lines on a page or a screen.

That it has is the direct result of the questions, observations and information that you – the readers – have contributed to this blog. Sometimes, questions have prompted me to analyze and then better articulate the thinking behind a decision. Other times, these discussions have brought new information to light which has changed my thinking. Thank you for that.

With this post, I’ve written 1066 (and all that?*) pieces for this blog. I look forward to sharing more in Year Five.

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(*While I’m not sure they include 5 Bad Kings, I hope they include 103 Good Things and a couple of Genuine Dates.)

14 thoughts on “1066 and all that

  1. Trevor:

    Congratulations on the fourth anniversary of your blog. I have been following along for the past couple of years and learned plenty over that time.

    As one who has been modelling for some time, it is refeshing to learn new ideas and tips in this wonderful hobby.

    Your sharing of these on your blog has been most welcomed.


    Michael Pasch
    Kingston, ON

  2. ‘morning Trevor,
    It’s been a pleasure to read about life on and around Port Rowan since signing up to your Blog. Your take, thoughful approach and conversational tone has drawn me in with each posting. Also like reading about your “gastro exploits” as well:>)
    Many thanks,

  3. Trevor,

    I have enjoyed your blog since discovering it some time ago and always look forward to the next posting. Your excellent photography conveys the beauty of your layout and equipment perfectly.
    I have learned the joys of S scale and many tips that I can apply to my own railroad under construction in a smaller scale.
    Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your wonderful modeling!
    Joe Smith

  4. Trevor,

    I want to thank you for taking the time to share your layout and ideas with us. I know I really enjoy reading and learning from them. Your ideas about operating or models like the prototype have helped to slow down and make my small railroad seem larger.

    Mike S.

  5. Hi Trevor,
    Congrats on the 4 years. This blog has been so influential and thought provoking. It lets us see what can be accomplished and how realistic modeling can be. Thanks for sharing so much!
    Cheers, Gord

  6. Congratulations Trevor and thank you for sharing your thoughts and philosophy here – as well as for the stunning photography, superb modeling skills, and great ideas. Looking forward to future installments in year five!

  7. Congratulations

    Every post on the journey to mile 1066 has been really great. It’s been wonderful to follow along on the development of Port Rowan and to be afforded this behind the scenes view as your vision for this work continues to be refined.

    Thank you for bringing us along. You do such great work and I appreciate the effort you invest to share it with us.


  8. My old friend Ben Brown turned me onto your blog. I’d say it makes me want to become a better model railroader…especially regarding your exceptional scenic efforts…good show indeed.

    Bob Ring

  9. Trevor, thanks for all your informative articles over the last four years.
    I’m catching up on your postings, having just returned from the NMRA Convention in Portland and staying on traveling up the west coast of the US and Canada!
    I saw the heading and I wondered what the reference to 1066 was, my thoughts were the date was a reference to the Battle of Hastings (a date of significance over here!).

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