What’s in the box?

Not much.

It’s rant time again. I’ve already described some of the troubles I had ordering from e-conolight, an American company that refuses to ship to Canada. Well, I finally received my boxes of lighting equipment, via a friend with an American postal address. And while it’s a great product – one that I’ve used before, when it was offered by another company – e-conolight has some things to learn about shipping domestically, too, it seems.

Have a look at this photo of the box in which the cable for my lighting system was shipped. The only thing that’s been removed from this box is the packing material that kept the cable – hardly a fragile item – in place:

A box of air - plus a cable.

Now look at this photo. The smaller box is packed with the rest of my order: lights, clips, bulbs, etc. You’ll note that this material would’ve fit inside the cable box with room to spare, which would have saved cardboard, packing material, handling charges and more:

Box in a box.

The good news is that I had free shipping on this order, which means that the manufacturer ate the extra costs. But really… what were they thinking? Or, should I ask… Were they thinking?

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