First subroadbed

I had a free afternoon today so I hauled a sheet of 3/4″ plywood into the trainment and cut my first roadbed.

I installed a “?”-shaped piece (without the dot) that takes the mainline through the Lynn Valley. The location of this piece is critical since it must connect St. Williams and Port Rowan without hitting any of the intervening walls.

Here’s an overall view, looking from Port Rowan:

First roadbed - 01.

The curve radius is 41.5″, with easements (which I laid out using the bent stick method). I found this discussion of easements on the Model Railroad Hobbyist forum to be most useful in planning mine.

Here’s another view, this time looking across the future location of one of the bridges in the Lynn Valley. Port Rowan is to the right:

First roadbed - 02.

Steel girder bridge - Lynn Valley.

Obviously I will need to cut away the roadbed when the bridges are ready to be installed.

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