A busy day grading the right of way

Coal track roadbed with test train.

Over the weekend, I found myself with a day to devote to roadbed construction and I’m really pleased with my progress.

I now have roadbed east of the Lynn Valley into St. Williams and as far as the station:

Roadbed - west end of St. Williams.

Roadbed up to St. Williams station.

In the Lynn Valley itself, I added extra bracing under the future location of the trestle and the deck girder bridge. This will help keep the roadbed in alignment across the gap when I cut away the plywood to make room for the bridges:

Roadbed bracing under the Lynn Valley trestle.

Roadbed bracing under the Lynn Valley girder bridge.

Heading west out of the Lynn Valley, I’ve installed the roadbed for the yard throat in Port Rowan. This includes four track switches and an elevated spur serving the coal dealer:

Roadbed - Port Rowan yard throat.

Roadbed - Port Rowan coal track.

I was a little concerned about vertical curves on the short but steep grade on the coal track, so I set up a train to test these (see lead photo). I’m pleased to report I have no worries – couplers stay aligned over the hump and by carefully repositioning the locomotive along the length of the grade I’m satisfied that all wheels will stay in contact with the rails at all times.

Just a little bit more roadbed to install – all of it fairly simple – and then it’s onto cork roadbed. That’s when things will really start to look like a layout!

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