Who is this, really?

I’m back – sort of:

 photo NewOffice-01_zpsjjoqm0bq.jpg

After a week and a half with no home office, I spent the morning restoring a sense of normalcy to command central. It looks better than it ever has. I know friends are going to look at the above photo and experience a common reaction – which can be summed up by the following two questions:

1 – Who is this?
2 – What have you done with Trevor?

It’ll be a while before I add more posts to the blog, as I have 11 days of deferred work to address. But I did get a couple of small things done, hobby-wise, during my period of enforced idleness – so I’ll have something to share soon.


10 thoughts on “Who is this, really?

  1. Trevor:

    Welcome back. The floors and space look terrific!

    Two days of neatness here, especially on a horizontal surface, would be worthy of world record.

    Thinking of purging some stuff…..

  2. It looks good in person, too (no CGI tricks). Current state and future plans make it sound like the dreamiest of creative spaces. Go for it.

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