When life gives you lemons…

… do not make furnaces out of them!

Somebody did when they made our furnace, which was installed eight or nine years ago and has been nothing but trouble.

The good news: It has finally bitten the dust and will be replaced.

More good news: The replacement should not affect the layout, although I will have to hang some plastic off the valance in a couple of places, as the guys will have to cut a hole in the ceiling – over the operator’s aisle fortunately! – to install a new direct vent to the outside. The current one is no longer up to code.

Still more good news: I left a generous access aisle behind Port Rowan to give service techs a clear path to the furnace – and this will now pay off because they have a clear path to remove the old unit and install the new one without damaging the layout. Think of the people who also have to occupy your layout space and life’s lemon-giving habits won’t be a disaster.

Planning pays off.

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11 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. Great news!

    I just ran into the same thing. Old Layout just going up in my new place and it was very tight by door into hot water tank area. Decide to shorten staging tracks just in case.
    Well hot water tank just went bottoms up…..change out today was met with no resistance!
    Sn42 CN Newfoundland

    • This furnace actually never “crapped in”: it was bad from the start. We’ve had a lot of service calls on it, from several companies, and we’re glad it has finally gotten to the point where it needs to be out out of its misery.

  2. I found a great way to avoid problems with our hot water heater…got a tankless system that heats the water as you need it and never runs out. I’ll never have a hot water tank that rusts out, and if it does “die” all I have to do is have the small unit replaced with another and no interference with anything. It saves money too by not heating the water when I don’t need it. Walt

  3. I’m glad that the furnace replacement is so well timed – easier now than in the middle of winter – and that planning for this day when designing Port Rowan has worked out so well.

    For what it’s worth we’re running a tankless system for our hot water too. I like the whole “not heating water just for the sake of heating it gag” and also the seemingly limitless nature which is worth it when for our family when hot water demand is high.

    Love the cartoon.


  4. Very interesting post because I am building my layout around a very old 20+ year old hot water (rental) heater that I know WILL need to be replaced someday as I plan to be in this house til…

    Never really wanted to face the inevitable but am now motivated to get rid of the tank before I NEED to. Time to think about the inevitable and rethink/redesign that part of the layout. Interested in everyone’s experience with tankless especially Trevor’s as I believe we are close by and are in the same part of TO. Any recommended brands or suppliers greatly appreciated!


  5. Bernard, I have a Rinnai brand and it has been working wonderfully for over seven years. I highly recommend this brand if it’s available in TO. I live on the west coast of Washington state, so I’m not sure if you can get one of these in the east. Walt

  6. Hey Trevor,
    This must be the year…my furnace is retiring so I must purchase a new one.Thankfully my contracter can use a basement window and my stairs to bring in all the new components. My installation of switches will have to be on hold until the profits of Ancaster Train show are realized.

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