Furnace Fixed

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(That’s more like it!)

As reported here earlier this month, our furnace recently quit. The new one was installed on Friday – and there are several bits of good news.

In addition to all the positive home-owner related advantages (such as being more energy efficient and, um, actually working), it’s a whole lot quieter than the previous furnace. That’s a good thing, since the furnace is located in a closet in the aisle behind Port Rowan. With the previous model, whenever I hosted operating sessions in the colder months I would turn off the furnace during the session so that we could hear the layout’s ambient audio, the sound-equipped locomotives – and even each other. As an operating session on Saturday night demonstrated, the new furnace purrs in the background and is no bother at all. Yay!

The second bit of good news is that the installers were able to feed the new air intake and exhaust pipes through the ceiling without having to cut into it. I had visions of power sawing above Port Rowan – and had taped plastic sheeting to the valance to protect the layout against the dust. In the end, I didn’t have to worry about it. It did make for a somewhat naff haunted house effect, though…

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5 thoughts on “Furnace Fixed

  1. It hit freezing here at the Delaware shore last night so I am sure your need for heat was even greater. The installers who took pity on your ceiling and layout seem worthy of a tip!

    • That’s a myth. The Niagara Peninsula has a climate close to what you find in the SF Bay Area – as evidenced by a thriving Ontario wine industry. In Toronto, we’re a couple of degrees cooler than Niagara but we compensate for that with a bowl of heat-trapping brown pollution over the city…

  2. Congratulations on the new furnace. Remembering some earlier comments I had thought that it was already in place.

    We just had our first snow here on the Island and this is the first evening where we’ve turned the furnace on to warm the house a bit – so furnaces and cooler nights are a common language tonight.



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