Tigers are mean! Tigers are fierce!


Hobbes in the Tree Fort
(The Tree Fort is occupied!)

A big shout-out to my friend Stephen Gardiner, who surprised me with a wonderful gift during last night’s meeting of our monthly supper club.

Stephen remembered that a couple of years ago, I had written on this blog about building a tree fort for St. Williams. My model included a copy of the hand-made sign that graced the tree fort in Calvin and Hobbes and at the end of the post, I asked,

“And where can I find an anthropomorphic tiger?”

Well Stephen – being the talented sort of guy that he is – made me an S scale Hobbes:

Hobbes by Stephen Gardiner

Stephen crafted Hobbes as the stuffed toy that adults see, and hand-painted him. Thank you, Stephen: he’s wonderful! And he looks right at home in the tree fort:

Hobbes in the Tree Fort

I’m sure I can find and kit-bash a suitable Calvin to stand at the base of the tree, singing the password…

Calvin Hobbes Tree Fort Comic

If I was a tiger, that would be neat!

16 thoughts on “Tigers are mean! Tigers are fierce!

  1. Love the Calvin & Hobbes reference. My all time favourite comic strip. Hard to believe it’s been gone almost as long as it ran.

  2. You are more than welcome Trevor!! I like that a little bit of my work can grace someone’s layout since I am presently without one of my own for a while!! He looks right at home in the tree fort!

  3. Now I’m wondering what to use to make Hobbes in N scale. I have just the tree to support the tree fort. All I need is Hobbes. Calvin should be easy with all of the little people that are available. I’ll have to do some thinking here. Thanks for posting this. Just what I needed…another project. Walt

  4. OMG, that’s is a FABULOUS idea! I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes and think that you’ve done something that is really important for the hobby by incorporating things you LOVE!!

  5. This is one of the all time best model railroad blog posts ever!! Aside from enriching the cultural tapestry of model railroading by bringing in Calvin & Hobbes this post also illustrates also some really good modeling. You and your friend Stephen do nice work.

  6. Like Walt, now to create one in N! A wonderful cartoon series, and now a wonderful modelling exercise…..Thankyou for the inspiration.

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