One step backwards for two steps ahead

 photo CNR-2ScaleTestCars-01_zpsz8cuzsmk.jpg
(CNR 52247 is painted and lettered. It will receive very light weathering – as shown on CNR 52274 – before entering service. This might be my last project for a few weeks as I declutter the room adjacent to the layout and build a new workshop.)

The good news is, our house renovation (the top two floors, anyway) continues apace and should be wrapped up by the end of January. At that point, our architect/contractor will go away for a while – he’ll work on another project for 8-9 months while we lick our financial wounds – and then we will start talking to him about doing the main floor, including the kitchen, living room, dining room and a powder room.

Somewhere in the hiatus, I’ll draft a plan to turn the room adjacent to the layout space into a new workshop (for this and other hobbies). I’ll then acquire the materials and create a superb space for building things.

The bad news is, now that we’re in the unpacking phase I find that the space for this workshop is full of boxes of tools and materials, plus other things (including furniture and family treasures) that must be sorted and either moved elsewhere in the house or discarded. Added to that is the stuff that was being stored elsewhere in the house, that now has to be moved into the future workshop space temporarily. This includes the tools and materials I’d kept out of the basement to work on simple projects like my recently completed second scale test car.

So, until I unload some things that are surplus to requirements and have a workshop plan in hand, there may be little to report on this blog. I’ll do what I can.

I still intend to visit friends’ layouts, do research, and otherwise keep my hand in – and will share when I do. Stay tuned!

I hope to return to my usual blogging frequency early in the new year. Exciting times ahead.

All the best to you for 2016!

7 thoughts on “One step backwards for two steps ahead

  1. My work bench/work area has a disease called perpetual clutter. I find that every time I clean it up it refills itself with new clutter. Later today I am going out there and starting all over again at cleaning it up. I know that new clutter will follow, but I’m willing to deal with that as long as it’s model railroad related. Clutter can sometimes be fun. Have a great 2016…that’s my plan.

  2. As one who is constantly moving stuff here and there in the basement railway/music work areas, I know this situation! I took a storage unit (only 5×5 but very tall inside) which eased some of the pain, taking some of that which was too interesting to toss, but didn’t need to be in my face. Now I’m at another level of curating stuff, for instance the 1950s 45-rpm record cutter – gosh, that’ll be on the back burner – and of course all the mothballed G scale takes up a lot of room no matter how you look at it. Onwards!

  3. Great to hear from you again!

    I attempted to tidy up somewhat, before Christmas, and do have now a larger work area….for a while!

  4. Designing and building that perfect workspace is a great challenge, I sometimes think more than designing a layout. I use a spare bedroom for my space, with 2 full workbenches, and a long l shaped computer desk (yup its a low dust work area) which has 3 computers 2 printers and 2 scanners. I also have a computer under one of the workbenches with the monitor mounted on the side of the bench using a wall mount tv/monitor bracket, this runs my Decoder/Arduino programmers. Don’t be afraid to make changes to the master plan, I found my work flow did not fit with my original design and by moving my book case for reference books allowed me to properly use my scanners and printers

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