CNR 470000 series boxcars : 2

 photo CNR470000-05_zpsiebb87c9.jpg
(With plenty of time for the paint to cure, these five cars are ready for lettering – a good “kitchen table” project)

Over the holidays I managed to make some progress on my CNR 470000 series boxcar project. As reported earlier, I’m working on five cars that are credible stand-ins for some USRA cars that were rebuilt in 1936.

Having finished all detail modifications (at least, those modifications I was willing to do), I ran these through the paint shop for a coat of CNR mineral red from the CNR Historical Association’s line of Scalecoat paints.

I decided – finally – to get smart about painting rolling stock, and crafted some tongues out of styrene to screw into the coupler boxes. These can be seen in the lead photo. I installed these at both ends of the cars.

The tongues help keep paint out of the coupler boxes. They also provide a handy handle for moving the cars in and out of the paint booth. Since S scale manufacturers have pretty much standardized on the Kadee S scale coupler (I use the brown Kadee 808 model), these tongues will come in handy for future painting projects, too.

(The manufacturer’s wheel sets will be swapped out for NWSL replacements before the cars go into service. For now, they keep paint out of the journals and give me something to stand the cars on.)

 photo CNR470000-06_zpsaxnmigkl.jpg
(Ready for lettering. The reading glasses are now an essential item when working with white decals)

I painted the cars in early December and then got busy with other commitments. On the plus side, the paint has had plenty of time to cure in preparation for lettering. Over the weekend, I set up on the kitchen table and got to work. The decal sets are number 524206S from Al Ferguson at Black Cat Publishing.

Lettering rolling stock is an ideal project when one’s workshop is otherwise inaccessible (as mine is right now). It’s a “clean” project that doesn’t require a lot of tools, materials or space, so it can be done at the kitchen table. Over the course of an afternoon, I got the first sides done on all five cars. Having left the decals overnight to dry thoroughly, I’m now going over them with a sharp scalpel and the aggressive decal setting solution. The heralds, in particular, need some extra help to settle down over the panel rivets.

 photo CNR470000-07_zpspgmbq43c.jpg

9 thoughts on “CNR 470000 series boxcars : 2

  1. Someone told me if you rub a black magic marker on the back of the decal sheet its easier to read the white decals and doesn’t harm the film.

      • I tried this using a Sharpie on the back of some Westerfield decals. The marker did make the lettering more visible, but also made it harder for the decal film to separate from the backing when soaking the decals.

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Had you considered doing one of these box cars with the “Canada’s Largest Railway” slogan

    I have one boxcar decorated in thsi way and it is mentioned at the following web site:

    “Buoyed by patriotism and a new sense of mission, CN superimposed the tilted wafer on a maple leaf, creating a new logo with built-in flexibility. First applied to a new batch of boxcars in 1943, the logo featured “CNR” above the wafer, while the slogan “Serves All Canada” replaced “Canadian National” on the wafer.

    Variations on the theme would appear in later years — different colour schemes and alternate slogans, such as “Canada’s Largest Railway.” CN continued to use an unadorned wafer for some applications, but for the most part, the instantly recognisable maple leaf and the nearly ubiquitous slogan “Serves All Canada” became synonymous with Canadian National.”

    John Green
    Vancouver BC

    • Hi John:
      I would love to do this, but my understanding is that the “Canada’s Largest Railway” slogan only ever appeared on one class of boxcar. I’d love to be corrected on this.
      My source is The Canadian Rail Car Pictorial Volume 2, which says this slogan was an anomaly on 1,000 cars built by Eastern Car Company between October 1945 and March of 1946.
      Unfortunately, modelling this car in S scale would require a lot of hacking and bashing to get the correct roof and ends.

  3. Hi Trevor,
    Wow on my part it appears the old axiom – “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”
    applies, Thank You for filling in that historical gap:-
    Best wishes – hope your reno is soon excellently done!!
    Best wishes John Green

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