CNR 470000 series boxcars: lettered

 photo CNR470000-09_zpstvyk6b4h.jpg

Last week, I snuck some time between work assignments and finished lettering my fleet of CNR 470000 series boxcars. These took a lot longer than I expected: I finished the first side of each car earlier this month, but then various other commitments got in the way.

I’ve given the cars a spray with Alclad’s matte finish. I’ve used it for a few projects now and it has become my hands-down favourite flat coat. Just look at that cloud of flatty goodness in the bottom of the bottle:

 photo CNR470000-10_zpstrnjsve6.jpg

It does a great job of hiding decal edges and will even kill some silvering.

 photo CNR470000-08_zpstzxlgpox.jpg

 photo CNR470000-12_zpskm7hmnbc.jpg

With the lettering done and the flat finish applied, it’s time to replace the wheel sets. As the photo above suggests, I use the supplied wheels while working on cars and don’t mind getting them covered in paint. That’s because I swap in Northwest Short Line wheels before cars hit the layout. This gives me a consistent wheel profile across all of my rolling stock, which I’ve found is important for reliable running.

I’ll also swap out the tongue depressors for Kadee couplers. Prepping wheels and couplers is a good job for a winter afternoon in the kitchen, with a mug of tea close to hand and something stewy simmering on the stove…

 photo CNR470000-11_zpsoren7b39.jpg

7 thoughts on “CNR 470000 series boxcars: lettered

    • Thanks Walt. For weathering, I’ve already dry brushed some silver onto hand grabs, ladder rungs and stirrups to represent worn paint. I’ll then airbrush Vallejo colours to weather. Stay tuned!

  1. Nice job of lettering, Trevor. I had never heard of the Alclad II matte finish lacquer. I assume you thin it with common lacquer thinner, correct? And what is the proportion of thinner to lacquer you use with your airbrush, if you don’t mind my asking? And, one last question: do you use Alclad’s GLOSS or some other product prior to decal application?

    Finally, your mention of coupler and wheel prepping is worth repeating. When I operated on your layout there were no derailments and “whisper-touch” coupling. It makes a big difference—and is a heckuva lot more fun!

    • Hi Michael:
      Thanks for the kind words and the endorsement of my couplers and wheel sets. You’re right – a session with no derailments or coupling problems is a lot more fun for everyone. I try hard to make that happen at every operating session.
      I’ve been decanting the Alclad matte directly out of the bottle into the airbrush – no thinner added. Alclad makes a thinner, which is also labelled as “airbrush cleaner”, so I have some of that on hand for clean-up.
      I have a bottle of one of Alclad’s gloss coats*, but I haven’t yet used it. I’ve been spraying Scalecoat colours a lot lately, and they cure to a nice shiny finish, ready for decals.
      (*Yes, “One of”: Alclad actually has a whole range of finishes – seven or eight different levels of matte/gloss, if I recall.)

  2. Alclad has a whole range of paints and finishes. Their matte white primer proved very good as both an undercoat and a finish coat for a Westerfield Northern Alberta Railways stock car kit. Their grey primer works well on resin kits to find blemishes before applying a finish coat.

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