CNR 470000 series boxcars: finished?

Well, almost…

 photo CNR470000-13_zpsrhwk48gu.jpg

On Friday, I gave my five CNR 470000 series boxcars a first pass of weathering. I used acrylics from Vallejo (a pale grey, medium brown and my favourite colour – grey-black) to build up effects of dust, mud, grime and soot.

I say “almost finished” because while two cars shown above look good on their own, when I put them in a string with other CNR boxcars I realize I have not weathered them enough:

 photo CNR-Boxcars-4styles_zpsphekcwqr.jpg
(25 percent more variety in my boxcar fleet. From left: a 36-foot “Fowler”, a 470000 series rebuilt USRA, a 40-foot single sheathed, and a 1937 ARA steel car)

In particular, the roof needs more soot. I think it’s important to have a consistent look for all equipment. That’s not to say that all cars will weather the same way, but this rebuilt car really stands out fro the others. It almost looks like it’s from a different railway.

I’ll take care of these cars next time I’m in a weathering mood. Meantime, I’m on to generating waybills so my new boxcars can bring all the essentials and luxuries in life to the 1:64 citizens of St. Williams and Port Rowan…

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