It’s not the fall that kills you…

… it’s the landing.

While I spent most of yesterday helping Brian Dickey operate his Roweham layout at an area train show, I did get a chance to look at some of the other displays.

This shelf-style exhibition layout caught my eye because there were several layers of blankets on the floor underneath it:

 photo Safety-First-01_zpseoigu306.jpg

Closer inspection revealed the reason for this. The layout featured a hidden pivot plate connecting two tracks into a run-around. But there was no mechanism to prevent someone from running a train off the non-aligned track and onto the floor…

 photo Safety-First-02_zpsamlddrah.jpg

Apparently, the exhibitor learned the hard way that this might be a bad idea. Hence, the blankets to provide a soft landing.

I know this is a creative hobby, but I never cease to be amazed by the out-of-the-box thinking that some layout builders exhibit.

8 thoughts on “It’s not the fall that kills you…

  1. Those blankets aren’t a bad idea. I hope they are just one that isn’t based on “wish we’d had them that last time”. The plan of the layout itself is a nice one and I like the sector plate to complete the loop and host a bit of staging. Nice plan.


    • It’s a novel approach. I might have designed a barrier as part of the sector plate instead.
      And it was based on a lesson learned the hard way, I was told…

    • I thought about that. It wouldn’t help with a long string of cars – one could still push them into the Big Hole before the locomotive reached the interlock point. I think I would’ve created a barrier to either side of the pivoting track, to physically block the track that’s not aligned. But the layout owner has a system that works for him, I guess…

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