Lynn Valley girder bridge pier

Lynn Valley deck girder bridge - pier under construction.

Deck girder bridges can be pretty simple affairs so I was quite pleased that the example I’m modelling – from the Lynn Valley – has a rather elaborate middle pier:

Lynn Valley deck girder bridge.

I don’t know if this pier – a collection of structural steel shapes – is original to the railroad or whether it was built when the line was converted to a rail trail. But it’s too interesting to ignore, so I’m going to model it as it is today.

Some time at the bench and I have my model pier. (And a special thanks to my friend Chris Abbott, who lives closer to a hobby shop than I do and who picked up some of the styrene shapes for me this week.)

For those keeping score, the modelled pier includes the following Evergreen styrene shapes:
264 = .125″ Channel
275 = .188″ I-beam
285 = .156″ H-column
291 = .060″ Angle

And yes, the glass of calvados in the background helped.

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