A new project: Roy

As they say on social media, “So this happened:”

 photo Roy-Nose_zpspvxl8vbd.jpg

My wife and I braved potential white-out conditions to drive to the Owen Sound area on Friday and bring home eight-week-old Roy “Batty” Marshall: Our third (and for now, final) Border Collie. I’m very excited about this dog. Not only is he great fun, but he comes from a strong herding line. (For example, his grandmother is an international competitor with my herding coach.)

The kitchen has been transformed into a living space and puppy play centre while we get Roy reliably house-trained and comfortable with the other dogs.

 photo Roy-Bee resize_zpshshqer75.jpg

 photo Roy-Tugging resize_zpswrvir8it.jpg

Our first dog, Mocean, has been a saint with Roy:

 photo Roy-Mocean-TugTail_zpszcdwnmrz.jpg
(“That is not a tug toy!”)

Our second dog, Jack – not so much:

 photo Jack-Escape_zpswffryxwh.jpg

But Jack is already showing some improvement and he’ll get over himself soon enough.

I’ve been doing a lot of model-building in the kitchen (and do have a project or two to share when I get the chance), but since Friday I’ve realized I can’t really work on things while wrangling Roy. So I will be taking another, very temporary, hiatus from being active in hobby: I’ll join the ranks of the Armchair Modeller – but only for a couple of weeks.

Meantime, I also have some thoughts about the hobby to share and some events to attend that’ll I’ll report on here. Also, I’m using the time to plan my workshop and solve some hurdles to starting the last of the major structures on the layout – including the feed mill and station in Port Rowan.

 photo RoyWantsOut_zpsvdyzrk5e.jpg

10 thoughts on “A new project: Roy

  1. That makes my wife very jealous. While your dogs may round into shape with a new friend, our cat Fergie is a lone wolf if ever there was. She barely tollerates our presence sometimes and despite the cute rescued kitties waiting for homes whenever we go buy food, Fergs would not tike kindly to a new rescue, it took her years to accept us as not bad people after her tough start to life!!

    If you travelling has you up in Barrie next weekend for the Allandale show, make sure you say hi, i’ll have some new goodies on display at the Toronto Railway Museum booth (hopefully he says as he’s elbows deep in campbell scale shingles and glue and is seriously reconsidering his holiday monday plans!!)


  2. “So I will be taking another, very temporary, hiatus from being active in hobby”

    Uh-oh . . . does this mean we won’t be seeing that scale house project completed for awhile?


    P.S. Good looking pooch!

    • Hi Jack:
      I’ll need a couple of weeks before I can get back to it: off cuts of wood and styrene are bad for puppy tummies. But the scale house is on the top of my “to-finish” list!

  3. Three border collies! They’ll keep each other busy. Mocean and Jack – when he realizes the puppy is there to stay – will show Roy the ropes, oh, wait, they already have. You’ll have good walks ahead of you all. Bill Gill

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