Cab ride to Port Rowan

I continue to experiment with my video camera from Replay XD, which rides nicely on a flat car.

Having had a successful test run on the S Scale Workshop layout over the weekend – with two videos shared to the Workshop blog – I’ve now also done a test-run on my Port Rowan layout:

(You may also view this directly on YouTube, where you may be able to enjoy it in larger formats)

This trip is looking into the sun, so everything is somewhat backlit. I will do an eastbound trip – with the sun at my back – when time permits.

I’m still learning about what this camera can do, but I’m enjoying the results so far…

22 thoughts on “Cab ride to Port Rowan

  1. It makes your layout look enormous!

    Congratulations! If you ever worried about proof of concept for Port Rowan, you have it. From 300 scale feet overhead, it’s an itty bitty train in an itty bitty landscape. At track level, it’s a real train passing through real country. If the train does work on the way, you have all the operation that one or two people are ever going to need.

    This camera casts a cold eye. I am sure you saw all kinds of things that you will want to improve, but the track is fantastic even up this close, and the “tunnel,of trees” effect is just excellent.

  2. Excellent Trevor, most enjoyable, your layout seems much larger than I realised, really like the drivers eye view.


  3. Very nice Trevor. How did you achieve the splashing fish in Lynn River??! Please note the river surface toward the right on the first crossing of Lynn River at the 1:49 mark. There is a glint of light reflecting off the surface that mimics a fish jumping out of the water. I have always felt your railroad was one of the finest in terms of realism – this latest effect puts it over the top .

  4. Trevor:

    Great video. Wonderful perspective riding with the train. I now have a better idea of the size of your layout. Scenery is well done. Would you consider bringing the camera to the NFR Convention in May? Hint, hint!

  5. Have you considered pulling the camera car behind a locomotive, so that the view would be that of a person standing in the vestibule of a passenger car, or on the platform of a caboose?

    Other than that, I have nothing to add aside from great admiration!

  6. Crazy thought: Would there be any way to mount a mock locomotive boiler on the left side of the camera to get a true “engineer’s view”?

    • Not so crazy. But for the best view, I’m thinking of doing an F-unit mockup so the camera looks through the window bit would help block the layout lighting, too.

      • As a suggestion, instead of mock-up of an F unit or steam engine, how about a doodlebug?

        And as everyone else has said, it’s a great video! I showed someone here at work the video, and he was simply fascinated by it. It was a GREAT way to show him what *I* trying to do.


  7. Confirms wonderful modeling, but raises a bit of a new issue… when we design and consider backdrops and view blocks, we typically consider their effectiveness from the vantage point of a standing visitor… now, with this emerging technology, the vantage point of an engineer, passenger, etc. needs to be considered… such sightlines are far different, and any intrusion from off-layout features does compromise the video experience… but still so neat!

  8. Wow! Great view and a real perspective of the layout. Outstanding scenery and track work. Thanks for posting.
    Cheers, Gord

  9. Great view of the layout. The trees and you grass really shows well from this perspective. The train sure ran smooth too

  10. Thanks for the branch line ride, Trevor! It took me back to teenage years in the Summer of 1968 when I had the oportunity of riding with a Pennsylvania RR crew up a nearby branch line here in Maryland on the back of a N5c caboose for several Saturday mornings. The train had to be pushed caboose first which gave me the same view of the right-of-way as your video. A train only went up the line twice a week and there was plenty of vegetation around the rails and ties just as on your branch.

  11. Trevor,

    I have followed your blog for quite a long time but I have failed to comment until now. That video presentation was absolutely inspiring. I’m struggling to get my own shelf layout started in N but after seeing your video, it has given me motivation to get things going and put into practice what I’ve learned and read from folks like you, Lance Mindheim and others. Thank you again for being a true motivator of this hobby.

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