Using my noodle to save my head

It’s a harsh reality that my layout room has some obstacles, notably a bulkhead that houses ductwork and runs the length of the room.

I’m getting pretty good at avoiding the bulkhead, but occasionally I’ll bash my head against it – sometimes hard enough to see stars. Every time I do this, I vow I’m going to address the problem. And now I have.

I grabbed a couple of lengths of pipe insulation from the local DIY store. Pool noodles would also work. Looking from the end, I cut away one quarter of the tube, applied some No More Nails (the foam board-safe stuff) and stuck them to the edges of the bulkhead:


I left them to dry overnight and checked them this morning – they’re firmly attached and a whole lot more forgiving than the bulkhead, so I’ll use this method elsewhere in the layout room where heads and bulkheads may meet.

I should’ve done this years ago.


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