Finally! Mainline Modeler on DVD

Mainline Modeler on DVD
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Back in September of 2013, I wrote

If I could have one thing that would increase my enjoyment of the hobby, it would be the complete collection of Mainline Modeler magazine on DVD

Well, it has happened!

Kudos to the C&O Historical Society for receiving exclusive rights to reproduce the entire Mainline Modeler collection in searchable PDF format on DVD. And special thanks to publisher Robert Hundman for allowing his magazine to be preserved and made available to those who missed it the first time around.

The price for the DVD collection (at time of this writing) is US$249.99 for non-members of the society. That may seem like a lot until one considers that this covers all 304 issues of Mainline Modeler. That’s just 82 cents per issue – and the collection won’t take up a yard or two of shelf space.

Given that the collection is offered as PDFs, and not some bespoke operating system, I’m reasonably confident I’ll be able to enjoy these for many years to come, so I’ve placed my order and it shipped in less than 12 hours. (Thanks also to my friend Herbert “Matt” Matthews for letting me know about the DVD.)

I’m really looking forward to revisiting favourite articles and reading ones that I missed the first time around!

UPDATE: My copy arrived last week. Service from the C&O Historical Society was prompt. (Thank you!)

I’ve loaded the DVD onto my computer and had a look through it, and it’s wonderful. It does require “Acrobat” to view – it doesn’t appear to work with other PDF readers such as “Preview” on a Mac. I was also able to successfully copy the entire DVD to my hard drive – for my personal use only! This has greatly improved the time to navigate the menus and turn the pages. Reading directly off the DVD was quite slow…

4 thoughts on “Finally! Mainline Modeler on DVD

  1. Great news! So much wonderful stuff in MM over the years, and Robert Hundman helped take the hobby to a much higher level.

  2. That is going to make my next move that much lighter. Now I just have to figure how to get rid of all my paper versions before the bottom falls out of the market.

  3. DVD archives are great. As you mentioned less shelf space, save on shipping costs, and best of all no musty back issues from on line sellers. Wish someone would do this with RMC. Thanks for the heads up. Enjoying your great posts.

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