In the weeds

Thanks to Keith Sirman, I have a photo to share of the mixed train arriving at Port Rowan:

Port Rowan - Keith Sirman Collection.

The photo was taken by Elmer Treloar and shows CNR 2-6-0 #88 on the main track, just pulling up to the Port Rowan station with the mixed train in tow. Note the boxcar in express service, the RPO and – bringing up the markers – a combine.

Look closely to either side of the mixed and you’ll spot rails in the weeds. We must presume there are ties in there somewhere too. The track to the left is the run-around, while the line to the right is the team track.

The barn at right blocks our view of the elevated coal track. I’m told this barn is not a rail customer. It shows up on the prototype track arrangement about where the diagonal line crosses the page. Look below the turntable and slightly to the right:

Port Rowan - CNR Map.
(Right-click on the image and open it in a new window to view a larger version)

There’s a turntable hiding somewhere to the left of the locomotive, in the field of grass and weeds. I’m going to put my grass-planting skills to good use.

Finally, note the pole line along the team track. Two poles are visible. This is the railway telegraph line that connects the depot to the rest of the CNR. Its location is clearly indicated on the track map.

Thanks again, Keith!

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