“CN Lines” back issues on DVD

The latest issues of CN Lines magazine arrived last week, and it included a notice that the CNR Historical Association is now offering a a set of all previous back issues, as PDFs, on DVD. This disc includes 65 issues of CN Lines – from Volume 1 Number 1 to Volume 17 Number 4.

I didn’t start reading CN Lines until just a few years ago, so I’ve ordered my copy and I look forward to exploring more about The People’s Railway.

For more information about this collection, click on the cover of CN Lines 18-1, below. It’ll send you to the relevant page on the CNRHA website:

CN Lines - V18-1

In related news, my copy of the complete collection of Mainline Modeler on DVD also arrived last week. I ordered this at the end of April, and service was prompt. I must confess I haven’t had a chance to load it on my computer and look through it. Maybe I’ll do that now…

(Small update: I’ve just done that, and it’s wonderful. It does require “Acrobat” to view – it doesn’t appear to work with other PDF readers such as “Preview” on a Mac. I’ve looked through the very first issue. Now, it’s time to go back and read it in more detail. I was also able to successfully copy the entire DVD to my hard drive – for my personal use! This has greatly improved the time to navigate the menus and turn the pages.)

It has never been easier to get quality information about prototypes and how to model them. I’m grateful to the organizations that are compiling and distributing DVDs such as these!

1 thought on ““CN Lines” back issues on DVD

  1. An update on this (May 25, 2016): My copy of the CN Lines back issues DVD arrived today and it’s terrific. All issues are saved as PDFs and can be loaded from the DVD to a local drive for faster access. I’ve had a quick browse through some of the early issues and I’m enjoying them. I look forward to looking through these and having them as a handy reference. Kudos to the CNRHA for making this collection available!

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