Telegraph article in June 2016 RMC

St. Williams - Trackside View
(The station at St. Williams includes a sign for the CNR’s telegraph service)

The June 2016 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine includes “Dots and Dashes”, a feature I wrote about the working telegraph network I’ve installed on my layout. Railway telegraph systems are rarely modelled, but were in use throughout the steam era. They were long-lived on lightly-trafficked lines such as my one-train-per-day operation to Port Rowan.

This article details how I set up the network, where I found the telegraphy equipment, and how I have created “cheat sheets” for operators to use when OS-ing their trains. It should provide any reader with enough information to set up such a system on their own layout.

I’ve seen a proof of this four-page article, and I’m really pleased with how the team at RMC has presented the work. (Thanks, guys!) If you get a chance to read the feature, I hope you’ll agree…

Click on the cover, below, to visit the RMC website:

RMC Cover - June 2016 - Telegraph feature

6 thoughts on “Telegraph article in June 2016 RMC

  1. Sounds great. Andrew Dodge did the same on his old On3 DSP&P layout and presumably will have it on his new P:48 Colorado Midland line.

  2. Off subject I know, but the photo at the start of this article is astounding! I stared at it for a while and actually smelled hot oil, creasote (sp) and coal smoke. Thanks for that trip down memory lane!

    • Thanks Bart – I’m glad you like it. It’s one of my favourites.
      The light hits the locomotive smoke box nicely while the rest is in shadow. I think of it as storm lighting.
      I didn’t do anything special here beyond compose the shot: the lighting is the natural layout lighting I use…

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