Trailers for CNR D-1

In other passenger-carrying news, Shapeways has delivered my 3D Printed shells for C-1 and C-2 – the two trailers that completed the train set hauled by D-1:

CNR C-1 and C-2

These were designed by my friend Stephen Gardiner. Regular readers will recall that he’s done these for himself in HO – and has kindly re-sized and tweaked the plans for printing in S scale. (You can find all of my posts about this project in the CNR D-1 category.)

Like the power unit, the trailers are a great start but will need a fair bit of finishing to complete. First up, I’ll have to wash the bodies to remove the waxes used in the printing process, glue the roofs in place, then spray everything with an automotive filler/primer so that I can see what work needs to be done. I’ll also need to cut some floors for the two trailers.

Meantime, I’ve ordered NWSL wheels and bearings for the 6′-6″ truck kits I picked up from William Flatt.

I’m also looking to order a Helicoils starter kit for 2-56 machine screws: I borrowed one from a friend to mount the D-1 body to the frame and this is a marvellous system to use in 3D Printed materials when one expects to fasten and unfasten parts regularly. (I’ll write more about Helicoils in a future post.) As the photo below shows, Stephen designed in mounting posts with pilot holes, designed so that I could use Helicoils and 2-56 machine screws:

CNR C-1 and C-2

I continue to gather the parts I need for this project, but once I have what I need I suspect the assembly will go quite quickly.

3 thoughts on “Trailers for CNR D-1

  1. The prints look like they came out well. How are the roofs on these? Did they have the same overhang issue the D-1 roof did on the end, or are they flush as they should be? I expect a little bit of fettling was needed to get the roofs to fit right, but hopefully not much.

    I’ll look forward to our next get together to see them in person and see how much progress you have made on them!


    • Hi Stephen:
      The roofs are the right length. Curiously, they have a rougher grain on them – more visible slicing of the layers. But a quick sand will fix that. They’re awesome – thanks for working on this project for me.

      • That might actually be the model. I think i re-drew the roof at some point and got a nicer/cleaner arc on it in the export. I think the HO Scale version has similar slightly steppier roofs on the coaches as well.


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