New doors for the CNR express car

My friend Joe Smith – himself a superb modeller – correctly guessed that I would build the new doors for my CNR express car from styrene:

New doors for the CNR baggage car

I framed the openings with styrene strip of various sizes, including quarter round for the vertical jambs. I then built up the doors from various widths of .010″ styrene strip. I sized the windows based on photographs of the 8775-8799 series that I’m trying to represent with this car.

For the eight-foot opening, I built two doors and when I installed them I left a very slight gap between the two so they don’t look like one very big door with odd window spacing.

Time to figure out roof vents, and to order some decals from Al Ferguson at Black Cat Publishing.

2 thoughts on “New doors for the CNR express car

  1. I am not surprised that you are using Styrene…it comes in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, plus so easily works up into whatever you need.
    Now with the roof vents, Styrene masters and casting duplicates?

  2. Wonderful fun hacking up a perfectly good model and making it your own, doors and surrounds looking good.
    And, thanks!

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