CNR 8789 :: the express car is lettered

That was easier than I thought…

CNR 8789 - lettered

I spent a relaxing few hours at the kitchen table this week, and applied the decals to my CNR express car. It’s now officially “CNR 8789”.

CNR 8789 - lettered
(Applying decals is a clean project that can be done almost anywhere)

When doing the CNR post-1954 scheme, there’s a lot of lettering to apply. In addition to the road name and number, there are round shields, the car type (“Express”), and three sets of yellow stripes. The decal set (CNR#PASS-DS from Black Cat Publishing) provides all of this, and I’m impressed by how well the yellow stripes turned out on these decals. They’re opaque, and it’s possible to overlap the stripes without having a stronger yellow spot show up in the line. That makes it a whole lot easier to apply stripes: I worked with pieces about 3″ long for the most part.

I sprayed a clear coat over the decals yesterday, so today I can install the window glass. I’m still waiting on some details but I can carefully airbrush them after application, so I’m not letting that hold up progress…

6 thoughts on “CNR 8789 :: the express car is lettered

  1. In my book, there are few things in the hobby more satisfying than (successfully) adding decals to a newly-painted model. The baggage car is looking great! I’ve been quietly enjoying this blog for awhile now and it continues to be a source of inspiration. Well done on that front, too!

    • Yes, I love this aspect of the hobby, too. Sadly, many modelers today will not allow themselves the opportunity to learn this skill, what with the proliferation of RTR, pre-graffitied, and pre-weathered rolling stock!

  2. Looks great Trevor. You’ve encouraged me to move forward on a CNR wood express car. Those things lasted forever. Thanks for the blog. I really enjoy it.

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