CNR 8789 :: First Run

CNR 8789 in train
(The Daily Effort rolls through St. Williams, Ontario. Those green over black passenger cars sure are handsome!)

I’ve installed glass in the windows, added the roof vents (kitbashed from Pullman Vents – Part 02442 from BTS), and airbrushed some more black paint to blend them into the roof. With that work done, I was able to reassemble the car and put it on the rails. It’s a handsome addition to the mixed train service:

CNR 8789 in train

My passenger cars still require diaphragms – I ordered some from “S”cenery Unlimited and I’m told they shipped a couple of weeks ago, but they haven’t yet arrived. They’re not overdue yet – I’m just playing the International Postal Game. Once I have those installed, I can weather this car. But in the meantime, I do a lot of test-runs with it.

This is the first time I’ve cut into a brass model to kitbash it. It was a bit nerve-wracking to make that first cut – but now I’m really glad I did.

18 thoughts on “CNR 8789 :: First Run

  1. Great job Trevor. Nice work on the door replacement. My favourite CN passenger paint scheme on a great looking model…Don

  2. Sharp looking car, and yes, you are very brave to cut into a brass model. I have anxiety issues just gently scraping to remove numbers from cars/locomotives to renumber them, never mind doing major surgery!!

  3. I’ve been watching the progress on your express car with much interest, and think your posts are informative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing in so much detail, the transformation. I am starting to look at some of my rolling stock with different eyes, and a sense of renewed interest.

    • Hi Ian:
      “A sense of renewed interest”. Thanks for that. If I’ve inspired people, I’m glad I’ve posted…

  4. It’s fun exploring new avenues in modeling, your project resulting in a great looking addition to your roster of equipment. The door & roof modifications, paint and decal work all excellent!
    Thanks for the tip about the Tamiya masking tape, will try it using on my next paint job requiring a color separation.

    Cheers, this Coors is for you! Joe Smith

  5. “Those green over black passenger cars sure are handsome!”

    I have to admit that the color scheme is growing on me. The car turned out really nice. It looks good in that mixed train.


  6. Re-reading this, this morning I was struck by how the way you present S and completely undermine any comments that might suggest that “there’s nothing available in S”. The models seem readily available and your equally casual references to where the various detail parts can be sourced from really present the scale in a very positive way and without compromise.


    • But Chris… there is nothing available in S! (Grin!)
      As I’ve said to anybody who asks, I’m a terrible advocate for working in 1:64. I think each hobbyist must do their research when considering a minority scale/gauge combination, and then decide if they can work within any constraints imposed by their choice.
      If I wanted to model Canada’s other national railway, for example, I wouldn’t be working in S. There’s just not enough available.
      Even this project has some compromises – but they’re compromises with which I can live.

  7. Flawless project Trevor. The ressemblance with the prototype is excellent! I can imagine the level of stress when cutting the brass shell, but it was definitely worth.

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