Workshop prep

I have a lot of tools and materials, and – right now – no place to put them.

That’s about to change.

Earlier this week, I went to IKEA and ordered a set of kitchen cabinets (just the lowers) to fit into an L-shaped space in the room adjacent to my layout space. The order – 77 boxes, IKEA tells me – will arrive Monday. Meantime, I’ve cleared space in the room so that I can start assembling and mounting the cabinets:

Workshop Prep

There’s still some work to do. Most pressing is the need to get rid of an old sofa, which is no longer required:

Workshop Prep

Fortunately, the Furniture Faeries are pretty reliable in our neighbourhood. If I curb the sofa, it’ll be gone within a couple of hours.

The above photo also shows my Festool multifunction table (the aluminum framed table in the foreground, with all the bench dog holes in it). This will form an important part of the new work space. The stack of stuff at the far end of the photo is for donation or disposal too.

Until recently, the room was filled with boxes of tools, supplies and projects. I’d loaded up the space with stuff from elsewhere in the house when we started our renovation upstairs. The good news is, the boxes mostly contain things that will go into the new cabinets once installed, so I’ll be able to simply unpack each box as I return it to the room. (Once I’ve unloaded boxes into the lower cabinets, I can decide later whether I require upper cabinets and in what configuration.)

The bad news is, I’ve had to store the boxes in the layout space until the cabinets are installed:

Workshop Prep

There will be no ops sessions until my workshop is set up. But I’ve already bribed my friend Ryan Mendell into helping with that, with an offer of pints and a meal. It shouldn’t take too long…

15 thoughts on “Workshop prep

  1. LOL, poor Ryan, you must be a good briber to get him to help build cabinets from the “Unhappiest Place on Earth” IKEA (I hate/love IKEA. You go there looking for one item, and come home with 5 but never what you actually went to buy it seems).

    That said, I’m jealous of the size of the workspace you have freed up and look forward to seeing it set up and in action!

    • Just for that, you get to help too.


      Actually, figuring out what I needed was pretty straightforward. The kitchen design software is easy to use and intuitive, and automatically took care of things like wall hangers, legs and so on. The tough part was checking out – because a) IKEA insists that a consultant review the design with you, and b) it’s done on a first-come first-served basis. It was not busy the morning I went to the store, but there were a couple of customers ahead of me who were designing kitchens, with all the choices and variables that go with that – like sinks, appliances, islands, countertop choices, and so on. Naturally, they needed “expert advice” from the IKEA consultants. So, I sat playing games on my phone for 40 minutes until someone could attend to me:

      “No, no questions, no issues – nothing. I just need to place the order and arrange delivery.”

      I was done in three minutes once my turn rolled around…

      • What are you using for your countertop?
        Oh and don’t forget you have a Sherline mill to set up as well 🙂


        • I haven’t yet picked a countertop. I won’t use a kitchen counter. I’ll do something with plywood and Masonite, perhaps. Or plywood and cork. I want a top surface that can be replaced.

  2. But will you still be able to find anything…..
    I’ve got tools, building materials, paints etc all boxed up but still can’t remember what I’ve actually got!

  3. Gosh, this is major! In my place, I’m building a paint storage unit that fits as a door on a cabinet handy to my workbench. This will reduce some clutter and make paint selection a little easier, especially having accumulated a lot of craft-type paints lately.

    • Hi Gregg:
      The MFT will serve two functions. I’ll use it as is for woodworking – as it’s intended. But I also plan to make a removable cover to convert it into a hobby bench. It’s a good-sized, stable work surface and with a couple of suitable stools I can work on projects at it with friends.

  4. Oh my! You have “Furniture Faeries” in Canada too!

    Looking forward to seeing the final configuration.

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