77 boxes

Some assembly required:

Workshop in a box (77 of them)

The cabinets for my hobby workshop have arrived.

I ordered these last week and prepped the basement space for them. Delivery was within the window promised. Well done!

Work on assembling and installing them will progress promptly, as the boxes have overrun the dining room:

Workshop in a box (77 of them)

Last night at our regular monthly dinner for area hobbyists, I lined up a couple of friends to help with the installation. That’ll happen early next week, unless real life interferes.

I’m excited at the prospect of finally having enough, well-organized, storage space.

14 thoughts on “77 boxes

  1. Good luck – we just finished with 283 Ikea boxes – renovated the kitchen. Wish I had ordered a few extras for the train room! Hope you got the drawers – nice glide hardware.

    • Thanks Gregg.
      I have five of the six-drawer cabinets in various widths, plus a corner cabinet. I should scan and post my plan at some point…

  2. Trevor::

    As I mentioned last night, you may want to use the Bergstena countertop from Ikea. We have this in our laundry room and I believe it would be ideal for the shop.


    • Thanks Vince. I’ve been talking to a few people about countertops and we’ve come up with an idea for building our own. It doesn’t need to be beautiful. It does need to be kind to tools, and replaceable if I’m not kind to it.

  3. In my experience these go together very well and after the first one the process will speed up a lot. Used a 39 foot stretch of the base cabinets and added some scratch built cubbyholes on top to create the “benchwork” for an O scale switching layout I hope to start this fall. Lots of storage and a very clean look for the layout.

    • Hi Ed:
      That’s a great idea. These would make an excellent base for a layout, especially in a finished space like a family room.

  4. I think despite my teasing, that I’m actually jealous of your basement kitchen workbench!! I’ve tried hard to organize my tiny workspace in our apartment, but having room to spread out and not be constantly setting up and moving things will be really nice for you.

    There’s a new growth industry for you, rent a workbench to urban model railroaders who don’t have space in our apartments!!

    • I plan to have room for more than one person to sit at the work table. It’s a social hobby, and I can see doing work nights with friends…

    • Pretty straight forward kitchen cabinets, Joe. I’ll follow the instructions and all will be well. The countertop will be a scratchbuild, though…

  5. Hi Trevor,

    I would suggest that give the purchased worktop option some serious consideration. I’ve done it both ways, (purchased and build my own {never again!}) and now even buy kitchen worktops to cut up to use as shelving in cupboards. If you buy the cheapest plain tops, they are cheap enough to replace when required.


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