Workshop cabinets

Workshop cabinets - installation
(Mission accomplished! Doug surveys our handiwork)

Thanks to my friends Doug Currie and Ryan Mendell, plus my eldest dog Mocean, who joined me yesterday for a workshop-building party. The four of us accomplished a lot in my new work room in surprisingly little time – a combination of working well together and all being able to follow IKEA instructions.

I’m pretty impressed with IKEA’s system, so far. Doug and I assembled the cabinets and once Ryan joined us after work the three of us started mounting the hanging rails to the walls. A tripod-mounted laser level definitely helped here:

Workshop cabinets - installation
(Doug and Ryan securing a mounting rail to the wall)

The walls in my workshop room meet at an obtuse angle, which required a fair bit of shimming when we mounted the hanging rail along the longer leg of the L. Once the rail was in place, the moment of truth arrived: Would the corner cabinet hang properly from both rails?

Workshop cabinets - installation
(Lifting the corner cabinet…)

Workshop cabinets - installation
(… and setting it in place. Mocean “supervises”)

Yes, it did – and the rest of the cabinets did too. Access panels were cut in two cabinets to reach the power sockets on each wall, and power bars added to bring electricity to the countertop height. The cabinets were screwed together and levelling legs were added along the front of the assembly. In all, the work took about five hours, after which I rewarded the guys with a meal and drinks at Harbord House.

Thanks guys!

Next up: I must assemble and install 30 drawers of various sizes, and cut and install a counter top. Then, I can begin to unpack all of my tools and supplies into the drawers.

I must also decide what to do with the corner cabinet. I bought a bi-fold door for it, and a two-tier carousel for the interior. But Mocean demonstrated that it would make an excellent spot to enjoy a nap. In fact, he used it as a dog bed while we assembled the other cabinets:

Mocean in the workshop corner cabinet

13 thoughts on “Workshop cabinets

  1. If I got the look from my doggie that you captured from Mocean, I’d be ordering a new corner cabinet and looking for a place for the recently hijacked one! šŸ™‚


  2. Corner cabinets can be a pain in the backside when it comes to getting things in and out. A dog basket, if you can spare the space, might be the ideal use of it…

  3. In Europe(where Ikea is popular) people take their cabinets when they move–hence the brackets on the backs. plus, they have really far-out names like Flokkdorp and Snapellfritz!!

  4. Yup. definitely jealous. Good work gents, i can’t wait to see what options you chose on drawers and shelves and for a counter top. There is more real estate there than i’d know what to do with, i’m so used to the project shuffle on my converted computer desk/workbench!!

  5. It all looks so neat, tidy and clean! Plus ORGANIZED! HOWEVER, all too soon, like the rest of us, you will be reduced to six square inches of available modeling space! Don’t ask me how I know!

  6. Trevor, Like your choice in cabinets. People we know who have installed Ikea cabinets have liked them a lot. One family has had them for almost 15 years and they have held up very well – the cabinets & the family šŸ™‚

    Mocean looks very content there.

  7. Yes! I’ve long wondered why more model railroader’s didn’t used prefabricated cabinet bases as the foundation for their layouts. They’re certainly more expensive than the disposable clear pine 2×2 legs with 1×3 cross bracing screwed on but on the other hand they are way more functional, look time times better, and can be re-used over and over with different layouts and reconfigured in different ways.

    • Hi Titus:
      I think you’re right – such cabinets do make for a slick presentation for a layout. I suppose one issue is the fairly low height: kitchen counter tops are typically set at 36″, whereas many people (myself included) prefer to set the railhead much higher. On my layout, the railhead is 48″ off the floor.
      Also, just so everyone is clear: I’m not building a layout on these cabinets. This is strictly workshop space. The closest I’ll get to a layout is a narrow strip of elevated test track in various gauges along the back of the long leg the L…

    • Nope. Sorry. Definitely not. I’ve wanted a proper work space for decades. I’m not about to wreck it by adding track.

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