Workshop drawers

Workshop cabinets installed
(Ready for handles and a counter top)

Having hosted a successful work session on Monday to build and install cabinets in my new workshop, I followed it up with a drawer-building session on Tuesday. My friend Chris Abbott joined me and together we tackled the most challenging components – the 36-inch wide drawers (at right in the above photo) that I’ll use for styrene and strip wood storage, and the corner cabinet with its double-hinged doors and carousel. We celebrated our progress at Harbord House. (That’s twice this week! I should buy shares…)

Yesterday, I wore out the dogs at a herding lesson, and while they slept it off I spent the afternoon finishing the drawers. I also installed one end panel (at left in the photo above). I have another to add to the right side of the cabinet, and then I can move onto installing handles and adding a counter top.

Meantime, I had a general plan of how I would use this storage but now I can plan out what goes where in more detail. I have 30 drawers – 18 at 18″ wide, six at 24″ wide, and six at 36″ wide – plus a corner cabinet. That should hold all of my hobby tools and supplies!

I also have a mountain of cardboard. Too bad I don’t model The Rockies…

Workshop - cardboard for recycling

(Thanks for the help, Chris – always great to spend time with you!)

8 thoughts on “Workshop drawers

  1. Ah, we make our complicated, precise models but IKEA assembly is still oh so satisfying. My problem-solving mind leapt right to the drilling jig you will undoubtedly make to put your handles on, unless you bought IKEA’s jig (I was too cheap and went my own way). Happy Allen wrenching and drilling, Trevor!

    • Hi Steve:
      Definitely, I’ll be making a drilling jig.
      For handles, I’m using the same style of pulls that we’ve used elsewhere in the house – something supplied by our architect/contractor when we renovated the top two floors last year. I’m arranging a consultation with him to pick sizes for the workshop drawers, then he’ll order them for me (they’re only available to the trade).
      Stay tuned…

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