Rolling stock storage redux

Ready to Run in the staging yard
(Filled to overflowing – again…)

A couple of years ago, I built some storage drawers under the sector plate to hold my growing collection of S scale rolling stock. Well, I’m sure there are railway modelling enthusiasts who can limit themselves to a set number of pieces of equipment – but I’ve yet to meet them, and it sure isn’t me.

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, I seem to abhor empty trackage on my sector plate. Once again, I’ve filled my staging area to overflowing – and the storage drawers are full. What to do?

I realized that my home made storage drawers are not the most efficient use of space while I was assembling and installing the drawers for my new workshop:

Workshop Cabinets“/>
(Click on the image to read more about the workshop project)

The IKEA kitchen cabinets I’m using are well designed to maximize useable drawer space within the cases. And it occurred to me that the drawers just might have enough clearance for S scale rolling stock. Sure enough, I measured a drawer interior and came up with just shy of 4″ height – plenty of space for S, as a quick test proved:

Car storage - Ikea drawers

With rare exceptions (e.g.: a crane with boom raised), I should be able to fit any S scale equipment into a space with 3.5″ clearance, which gives me some space underneath the cars to add acoustic foam padding to protect details and keep cars from rolling about. I would also build dividers, similar to the ones used in my existing drawers:

Equipment storage - version 1

I did my test in an 18″ wide drawer, which would hold anything up to a baggage car:

Car storage - Ikea drawers

More likely, though, I would use the 36″ wide cabinets, which would give me the greatest amount of flexibility for storing equipment. I sense another trip to IKEA in my future…

Ikea - mortality

Ikea Hammer Manual

7 thoughts on “Rolling stock storage redux

    • Perhaps.
      I thought it would be my donor car for the CNR express project. But then I discovered the SP car was a closer match.
      I’ll paint this one PRR.

  1. These cars look familiar, saw some of the same passing over the twenty mile creek
    (Hagersville Sub) just off our farm.
    We moved in ’57 so I missed the closing of the line, I have ridden some of it on my bike.

  2. Trevor, How do you keep track or remember which cars you have stored in which drawers, without going through all the drawers searching one drawer at a time???

    • Hi John:
      Good question! I don’t have that much rolling stock – not compared to most layouts – and right now I only have two drawers to look through. If I have more drawers, I migh sort stock by car type or road name.
      Typically, I’m not looking for a specific car but a kind of car. For example, I rarely need to look for CNR boxcar 464195 – just a CNR boxcar. So a quick glance through the drawers is sufficient.

    • Hi Donnell:
      I can’t remember the details off hand but why not simply browse the IKEA catalogue online and determine if this system is right for you? I found it easy to work out IKEA’s mix and match system of cabinet carcasses, drawers, and drawer fronts.

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