Get a handle on things

Lots of handles, in fact:

Workshop - Handles

Workshop - Handles

I’m one step closer to being ready to unpack my workshop into my new cabinets, with the installation this afternoon of 31 handles.

The handles came from the architect/contractor who worked on our house last year. They’re from a German design firm and they go beautifully with the drawer fronts to create a very clean, modern image. They have a recess on the underside for one’s fingertips, which can be seen in one of the photos above.

I find the offset positioning pleasing to the eye, and the IKEA drawers are built solidly enough that the offset position doesn’t result in racking when opening the drawers.

Getting the handles lined up consistently demanded that I create a drilling jig. I cut pieces out of 3/4″ plywood and mounted drilling inserts and screw-in bushings from Lee Valley Tools to accommodate the spacing for short and long handles:

Workshop - Handles - Jig

Workshop - Handles - Jig

The bushings were a great investment – not that expensive, and they ensured that the fixture wouldn’t become worn out as I used it.

For more information on the bushings, click on the image, below:

Lee Valley Bushings

Once again, I was reminded of the joy of using good tools – and I’m really pleased with the results of this afternoon’s work.

Next up, I’ll turn my attention to mounting power bars and routing the cords. Then – finally – I can start to load the drawers.

3 thoughts on “Get a handle on things

  1. Trevor, the offset pulls look very nice! I would never have thought to try that…
    Do you plan on adding some sort of toeboard to keep the odd bit of detail from disappearing under the cabinets into the land of the dust bunnies?

    • Hi Eric:
      Thanks – and no: I’m going to leave the area under the cabinets open. This is in a basement and I want good air circulation under the cabinets. I’ll vacuum under them regularly too.

  2. Trevor,

    “…the joy of using good tools.” Indeed. My mantra leading up to this joy is “all the tools to get the job done.” Some times I think I got into this hobby just for all the new tools I obtained and then got to use.

    I love the look of the offset handles, not sure my head could wrap itself around reaching off-center to open a drawer though. Old dog, new tricks…..


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