LCL: AAR Form 99

Over on the LCL modeling group on Yahoo, a member asked whether anybody had a copy of the AAR standard form 99 – the waybill used for less than carload (LCL) freight.

As it happens, I do – in my copy of the AAR’s Railway Accounting Rules, published in 1951. So I shared it on the group – and I’m sharing it here:

AAR Form 99 for LCL operations

It reminds me that I need to continue to work on my ops plan for LCL and express, which is an important part of life on the Simcoe Sub to Port Rowan. I have come up with a scheme, but I haven’t held enough operations sessions to determine whether I like it…

1 thought on “LCL: AAR Form 99

  1. I am *very* interested in following your progress on LCL ops. I haven’t yet determined for sure whether and to what extent LCL was a big business on my line (as densely populated as the CT River Valley was by the 1940s, I suspect most of it went by truck – New Haven RR trucks, but trucks nevertheless), but I may use some “modelers license” to justify LCL ops at the freighthouses on my line. So I’ll be following along the trail you’re blazing here. Thanks much for sharing the Form 99 – RR paperwork is certainly yet-another hobby within the hobby %^)

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