The red hook

When I use my Flex-Shaft Tool (a sort of Dremel Tool on steroids), I’ll hang it over my work table and plug it into the conveniently located overhead power strip. But most of the time, it would simply be in the way there.

I wanted a place to store the Flex Shaft when not in use. It would have to be handy, and the storage would also have to let the shaft remain straight. It’s been lying on the counter in my workshop for the past week or so, taking up a lot of space – so I had to deal with this, pronto.

I solved the storage problem by mounting a hook in the ceiling near the right-hand end of the workshop cabinets:

Flex-Shaft Tool Storage

The hook is sold for hanging bicycles. I picked up one at the local hardware store. I like that the hook is coated in rubber.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing solid in the drywall ceiling at this location, so I had to make up a mounting block from some pine board – left over from building the test track shelf. Some drywall plugs and four screws will make sure it doesn’t come out of the ceiling. Next time I have the paint out, I’ll apply a coat to the mounting block and it should all but disappear.

3 thoughts on “The red hook

  1. Great idea – I’ll see if I have a pic of how I dealt with my flexshaft setup. That block mounting is certainly sturdy, though I’ve had good luck just using a #10 screw hook screwed into a 50# limit drywall anchor (it’s how I hung my lights – pics here The hook I use may not be as large as you need – and it isn’t coated :^) but it only requires one 1/4″ hole and can be placed anywhere.

    • Hi Chris:
      I hoped to go that route (a simple drywall anchor), but as you’ve guessed, the hook I used has a larger shaft than any of the drywall anchors I could find locally.
      When I bought the hook, I assumed there was a floor joist above the ceiling that I could screw it into. It’s in there somewhere, but I couldn’t find the damn thing when I went to install the hook. So, I put some scrap pine to good use.

  2. I have a flex shaft for my corded Dremel. I find I rarely use that device since getting a cordless version. Mounting the corded one with the flex shaft semi-permanently attached is a great idea that I’m sure will lead to it being used more often, rather than taking up storage space. Thanks for the idea!

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