What a wonderful surprise!

I had no idea I was even in the running…

… but my friends in the S Scale Workshop emailed me this evening from the National Association of S Gaugers (NASG) annual convention in Novi, Michigan with news that I’ve received the 2016 Josh Seltzer Award for my Port Rowan ramblings:

NASG Blogging Award
(That’s a smiling Andy Malette holding the award: LLAP, Andy!)

What a wonderful surprise!

I’m not sure who to thank – the award is based on nominations form NASG members and selected by the Board of Trustees. So I’ll start by thanking the NASG Board, and the person or persons who nominated this site. Also, all of you who have shared information and ideas through the comments on my posts – the blog, and my layout, are better because of your contributions.


31 thoughts on “What a wonderful surprise!

  1. Congratulations on the award Trevor. Until you posted about your cabinet top work surface I was planing on building benchwork to support track on the layout side of a small dividing wall between my work bench and my layout,The benchwork will now be replaced by cabinets supporting both track and the divider which will provide extra storage space under the track.

  2. To quote a line from the classic Australian movie, (The Castle), “that’s going straight to the pool room.” Well done, another lighting project to undertake with a sound file of fanfare every time visitors come around to Port Rowan.

  3. Hearty congratulations, your blog has provided a practical examples of what can be achieved in the scale and has done much to raise the profile of scale modelling in S


  4. Hearty congratulations, your blog has provided practical examples of what can be achieved in the scale and has done much to raise the profile of scale modelling in S


  5. Congratulations on your award Trevor,you deserve it! Sorry I could not attend this show but thanks for the invitation.
    On a different topic, I went looking for the farm underpass on the Cayuga sub east of Decewsville but it is now hidden by small trees on the right-of-way. These underpasses make a nice addition to a layout.


  6. Congratulations Trevor!

    The award is well deserved, not just for your work in S scale, but for sharing the hobby, tips and tricks, and the history with all of us.


  7. Congratulations Trevor

    I don’t model in S scale, but so many of your posts are applicable to other scales, plus your a wonderful writer. Great award, great blog.

    • Andrew is right on there. While I model in N, your blog (and Gene’s and Tony’s, to mention a couple) are ‘scale less’. While I won’t, say, be building an S Scale CNR doodlebug, there are still ideas there for an N Scale modeler, just like your other blog entries.

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