ESU ECoS owners forum: what a great idea!

I should’ve mentioned in my original post on my new DCC system that one of the features I really like about the ECoS system is that ESU runs a forum for its owners. To access the owners section, one submits the serial number from your ECoS unit.

The forum covers a variety of topics and is divided into several sections by language, which makes sense since ESU is a European (and therefore multilingual) company. It has a few thousand threads in the English section alone.

ECoS Forum - Screen Grab

There are many places online to discuss DCC – including ESU systems and decoders. But I think a forum in which every member is an owner is a great idea for several reasons.

For starters, the discussions are all about actual experiences. This means that when someone asks a question, they’re getting advice from people who have actually figured out the answer, instead of speculation. I found many useful answers to questions about, for example, hooking up the ECoS to a Macintosh computer to update the firmware.

As well, ESU monitors the forum and participates in it – and appears to take feedback from the forum members seriously. And why wouldn’t they, since we’ve all shelled out for their system?

As the screen grab of the topic list above illustrates, there’s even a thread where owners can propose features they would like to see included in future firmware updates. I think that’s neat, because these are suggestions coming from people who are actually using the system. If someone suggests a new feature and and a large percentage of your installed base of customers enthusiastically supports the idea, that’s a good reason to build it in right there.

I’m enjoying the forum immensely and look forward to diving into it further.

2 thoughts on “ESU ECoS owners forum: what a great idea!

  1. This kind of thinking from the manufacturer is in large part why I’m replacing all my decoders in my loco fleet with Loksound decoders.
    Here is a company that really gets customer service!

  2. This is truly forward thinking. I wish DigiTrax would do the same. However, Digi does not and I can’t afford to make the sacrifice that would be required to change out all of my decoders, therefore, I have to do the best I can with the decoders I have and figure out what/how to make it all work for me. Forward I go. When I come up against something, I ask the questions and work with the answers I get from the helpful folks in Florida.

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