Fresh perspectives and little details

This morning I needed a photo to illustrate something on my layout in an email, and while I was in the layout room I decided to try to find some fresh perspectives from which to shoot images. I was particularly pleased with the two images here – both taken near the station in St. Williams.

Turnut study - St Williams

Turnout study - St Williams

In both, it’s the little details that stand out for me: The red waybill box on the station wall. The door handle. The telegraph service sign. The rail braces on the stock rails of the turnout.

Often, I overlook these details when I’m running trains. But they show up in photos, so I’m glad I made the effort to include them.

I have many more details to add to the layout. Some will require a fair bit of time and effort to build. But it’s photos like these that remind me why I want to include them.

5 thoughts on “Fresh perspectives and little details

  1. Great pics. It is the details that make it come alive! Any chance you can show pics of how you did the segmented roof walks?

  2. Great perspective and detail. The photos give me lots of suggestions for my layout. I always thought that the red box was a Royal Mail post box and not a CN bill box. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  3. Trevor,

    Do you have the flanger signs on your layout? Looking to make some and noticed you have some posts made for the signs. Do you remember what size you used and how you made the point pointy like the CN posts? I wonder if the HO size double dots for the plows would work?

    • Hi Andrew:
      I don’t have flanger signs on the layout – I have “do not trespass” signs, plus some misc. signs.
      If you search “signs” on the blog – or scroll through the figures, vehicles and other details category, you should find information on the other signs I’ve made.
      I seem to recall I simply cut the points with a razor blade, or sanded them with an emery board.
      I’m sure the HO double dots would work fine for S scale.

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