Backus trucks

Here’s a detail I’ll have to create for the team track at Port Rowan:

Backus trucks
(Photo taken 1956 or 1957)

Backus trucks
(Photo taken in the late 1950s)

“Backus” is an important family name, closely tied to the area I’m modelling. And the family’s lumber and feed company was a key customer for the railway.

I’m grateful to John Backus for sharing his family’s photos on the Stories and Legends of Long Point and Port Rowan Area group on Facebook, and for giving me permission to share these photos via this blog.

The information I received with the first photo notes that the railway delivered the lumber stacked on the truck in the middle. That will make a great scene on my layout.

I’ve done a similar scene before. Several years ago when I modelled a Maine two-footer in O scale, I built a lumber truck for a team track, using a white metal kit for a Nash Quad from McKenzie Iron & Steel. Here’s a rather grainy photo showing the truck at the site of a future team track on that layout:

O scale Nash Quad

I always liked the look of the lumber overhanging the truck, so I’m looking forward to recreating this using a 1950s era truck in S scale.

(Thanks for sharing the photos, John!)

5 thoughts on “Backus trucks

  1. I love mini-scenes like this! They really add to the feel and texture of the railroad – most especially if you have neat proto/historical information and detail like you have here. Really goes a long way towards telling the story.

  2. Awesome pictures and very nice trucks. Will look great on the layout once done. Would love to see the layout someday Trevor.

  3. Being a “car guy” I looked at the truck photos with great interest. I knew that Chrysler, Ford and GM all had re-badged and restyled Canadian versions of the offerings available in the US. I remember looking forward to family trips in the 50’s to upstate NY near the border so I could see many of these cars first hand.

    The truck on the right in the first photo is a 1953-55 Ford truck re-badged in Canada as a “Mercury”, also sports restyled grill.
    The truck in the second photo is a 54 dodge, re-badged as a “Fargo” in Canada. I could not read the name on the front where “Dodge” should be so looked it up and learned something new, have to love this hobby!

    Canadian cars and trucks are a neat detail for modelers north or near the border, I think Rapido should take note.

    Beautifully done model of the Nash Quad.


    • Thanks Joe – and now I have learned something, too.
      Rapido is doing a Fishbowl bus – something that was a common sight in any Canadian community with a transit system. So maybe they’ll tackle more Canadian automobiles. Of course, I doubt I’ll see them in S… but anything that promotes the Canadian railway hobby is great news to my ears.

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