CNR Map of Port Rowan branch (1937)

I thought I’d share this period map of the branch from Simcoe to Port Rowan. This was included in the Canadian National Railway’s application to abandon the line in the late 1930s. It’s intended to show the various alternative transport links available to those who would be affected by the line’s closure.

The line to be abandoned is shown in red.

Port Rowan Map - 1937

8 thoughts on “CNR Map of Port Rowan branch (1937)

  1. Very interesting couple of articles!

    You might be interested to know that in the new issue of Kalmbach’s Classic Trains (Winter 2016) is an article on “My summer of cab rides”. In the article, the author talks about various cab rides he had in the Summer of 1957…including the M238 to Port Rowen on the 4th of July! There is a photo 1541 at Port Rowen.

    I haven’t had time to actually read the article, but it sure looks interesting, and the photo of 1541 at Port Rowen, while not showing much, still was great to see!


  2. After seeing this map I finally decided to look Port Rowan up on Google Earth, trying to follow old rights of way is something I like to do.
    Looks like you can still see the right of way running in a tangent for quite some distance from Doerksen Farm Supply LTD on Lakeshore road towards Simcoe.
    Am I correct and did the Doerksen building belong to the RR at one time?

    • Hi Joe:
      You’re right on all counts. You can still trace the line northeast out of Port Rowan. And the Doerksen Farm supply building is the current iteration of Leedham’s Mill, which was at end of track when there was track.
      The store is new construction, on the site of the old feed mill. The building to the north of the store was originally the freight shed, located east of the station. At some point it was deemed surplus, sold to the mill, and moved across the track and west. An extension was added to provide an entrance. I’ll be modelling this configuration.

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