The Port Rowan station

One of the great things about doing this blog is that I’m being introduced to people I might not otherwise have met. Dick Otto is one such person.

Dick lives in Connecticut. As a kid, he visited Port Rowan (and nearby Port Dover) and took pictures of the trains that called there. He’s been kind enough to share some photos with me, which will help greatly in my layout-building effort.

Today’s treat from Dick is this colour photo of the Port Rowan station. Dick took this in the summer of 1965 and it’s obvious that the train no longer calls here. (Thanks, Dick, for allowing me to share this on my blog.)

Port Rowan station - 1965.

This is the track side of the station. As can be seen on the railway’s plan of the yard, the structure is L-shaped with a small outbuilding in the L.

Port Rown - CNR plan.
(Right-click on the image to open a larger version in a separate window)

It may be hard to see online but there are a few dimensions on the drawing that help size the station. The short leg of the L is 59 feet long, while the width of the building is about 22 feet. Based on these measurements, I estimate the track side of the structure at about 80 feet.

There are several first-hand accounts from people who remember the station in Down By The Bay, a history of Long Point and Port Rowan published in 2000.

One contributor to that book, Lynn Cairns, is the grand-daughter of WG Livingston, the station agent in Port Rowan until 1935. Her description of the station includes the agent’s office in the bay window, a waiting room and baggage area, and a freight room. A door led from the agent’s office into the living quarters, which included a combined living/dining room and a parlour. Cairns describes the station as…

… a gloomy building, dark walls and lit only by kerosene lamps as there was no electricity, also no indoor plumbing.

Gloomy building or not, it will be an impressive model.

2 thoughts on “The Port Rowan station

  1. Trevor,
    I’ve been following your blog fora few months and finally decided to go back to the beginning. I don ‘t know if you’ll see new comments to ancient posts, but fwiw, I think the remark about lack of indoor plumbing in the depot confirms the identity of the small outbuilding. Regards, Jack

    • Hi Jack:
      Yes – I see all comments. Thanks for the observation on the shack. I haven’t yet started building the station but when I do I’ll have to go back and re-read all my posts and the comments on it too.

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