German 1:32 steam – with steam

(You may also watch this directly on YouTube, where you may be able to enjoy it in larger formats)

This is from a few years ago now, but my work this week with LokSound Full Throttle Steam has me thinking about the next frontier of locomotive control and realism – and these 1:32 scale models of German locomotives remain right on the edge.

This is not your grandfather’s hi-rail smoke generator, which creates smoke that looks like you dropped a lit cigarette down the stack.

The question is, would anybody want this much smoke in their layout room? That said, our furnace is equipped with a steam boiler humidifier to combat the lung-cracking dry air of the typical Canadian winter. Maybe a pair of these could be used instead? “Honey – it’s kinda dry in here: I’m going to go run the layout.”

I note that LokProgrammer has a whole tab devoted to smoke effects…

9 thoughts on “German 1:32 steam – with steam

  1. That is very convincing – sound, synchronization and especially the exhaust and cylinder cock insulation. Props to KM1 Modellbau!

  2. Say it isn’t so! Bigger isn’t always better. Just when there is so much beautiful S scale detail to come on the Port Rowan sub. The Port Rowan station, St. Williams station, the Forestville freight shed, the great loads to be shipped; maple syrup to China ( from the 5,000 tree Backus sugarbush); flour and lumber from their Mills; live fish crates to New York City; tobacco hog’s heads to Montreal, Tillsonburg and Delhi; tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from the Heinz station on Main (Bay) Street to Leamington; cattle and hogs to Simcoe and beyond; and Jam from St. Williams to the whole country; all waiting for your fine eye for detail and consist operations (including the turntable) to add to your fine operational base.

    • It ain’t so!
      Don’t worry – I’m not tackling 1:32 German steam. I’ll let my friend Pierre Oliver wrestle with that demon.
      If I had a bit more space, I might look at a location elsewhere on the line from Hamilton to the two ports (Rowan and Dover). But I don’t.
      If I decided to move up in size, I still have all of my Proto:48 equipment – but the best I could do would be a fine operating diorama based on an engine terminal: I don’t have the space to turn a corner in O scale.
      So, Port Rowan in 1:64 it is!

  3. This is unadulterated model train porn.Saw this over on Oly’s blog first. Hypnotising, and it makes my wallet feel lighter already. Maybe it’s all the moths trying to take wing at the same time.

  4. As cool as the synced smoke from the stack, the leaking steam from the cylinders is so far from correct that it should be eliminated. Yes, when starting from cold, steam is often released from the cylinders, but not in a continuous drizzle – rather in a blast that corresponds to the movement of the piston head.

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