Big Sound for a BURRO

(You may also watch this video directly on YouTube, where you may be able to enjoy it in larger formats)

I upgraded my River Raisin Models S scale BURRO Crane with a LokSound decoder and two speakers. I wrote a feature on this, which is the cover story in the September, 2017 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. Check out that issue for details:

RMC September 2017

In the above video, you can hear the sound. (I’ve cranked the volume on the decoder for the purposes of recording this video. In practice, I run the crane at a lower volume – more suitable to the layout environment.)

The sound is not correct for a BURRO – it’s the EMD 567A six-cylinder diesel that’s found in an SW-1. But it’ll do just fine for now – and when ESU offers a correct BURRO sound file, I can simply reload the decoder (and post a new video, of course). That’s pretty cool…

For more details on the BURRO Crane, follow my BURRO category link.

(If you’ve just found my blog through the Craftsman article, then welcome aboard! Have a look around – perhaps starting with the First Time Here? page – and enjoy your visit!)

12 thoughts on “Big Sound for a BURRO

  1. I spent some time around these on the B&O in the early-60s. The 567A engine is far too muscular; I seem to recall more like a very heavy dump truck engine sound, or maybe the diesel engine in a face shovel. If that helps.

    Inspiring work, indeed!

    • Hi Bill:
      And I agree with you about the 567A. As I noted in my post, it’s a temporary sound file.
      I picked the SW-1 because it’s a six-cylinder prime mover – the closest LokSound option to the prototype crane’s four-cylinder engine.
      When ESU releases a sound file that’s more appropriate (and I expect they will) I’ll re-load the decoder. That’s the beauty of the ESU approach to sound.

      • Trevor, the GE 44 tonner file has dual Caterpillar D17000 prime movers. Is it possible to mute one of them and hava single D17000 for the Burro?
        Daniel Kramer

        • Interesting idea, Daniel. But no – one cannot mute one of the two prime movers.
          In any case, as I’ve said in the original post, I’m happy with the sound file I’m using, knowing that it’s temporary and that I’ll replace it as soon as ESU releases a more suitable file.
          Honestly, when the sound is turned down to a normal layout/operating level, I get a nice rumble from the crane and I have a horn for alerting track workers that it’s on the move, and I’m pretty happy with that.

  2. Trevor,

    Terrific article in RMC…and outstanding result as demonstrated in the neat little video! It runs and sounds sweet! The Buffalo Creek and Gauley had a small 4 wheeled railbus and I’ve resisted modeling it for all the reasons you hesitated taking on the Burro. But you’ve shown even small 4-wheel ‘machines’ can be done in S.

    Brooks Stover

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