LokSound Love for 1532

CNR 1532 - LokSound installation
(Replacing the decoder in the 10-wheelers looks challenging, but it’s really just a case of mapping the wires and doing things one wire at a time)

Over the past week, I’ve done a fair bit to advance my hobby goals.

I’ve resumed working on trees for Port Rowan, and I’m pleased with the progress: I applied my bark mixture to nine more armatures this morning.

I had another work session at Andy Malette‘s place, as he and I convert USRA Light Mikados into CNR S-3-a 2-8-2s. (More on that in this post.)

And I finished converting the core fleet of steam locomotives to LokSound Full Throttle Steam, with the installation of a LokSound Select into the boiler of CNR 1532 this morning. With that, I’ve finished the two moguls and two 10-wheelers that I use in regular operating sessions. I’m loving the new sounds and the motor control. This is what I was looking for.

I have a couple other steam locomotives to convert, but I can do them as time allows.

All in all, a fine week!

6 thoughts on “LokSound Love for 1532

  1. Turned into a real ESU fan, didntcha? 🙂
    Now, put your impressive movie making talents to work and give us some videos! Please?

    Bart Hollis

    • It sure is!
      The LokSound Select I used is 1.18″ x 0.59″ – so it can go just about anywhere. It fits in the boiler of the 10-wheelers, along with the PowerPack (the “electronic flywheel”) and a good-sized speaker.
      This decoder is rated at 1.1 amps and does an excellent job of coping with heat, too. I had trouble with decoders from other manufacturers in my brass GE 44 Tonner: they’d over heat after a few minutes of operation. But I put one of these in and I’ve had no problems.

  2. Well, you inspired me with the achievable layouts and now I’m convinced to go Full Throttle with ESU. I am working on an Athabasca Scale Models conversion of the Bachmann 2-8-0 to a CPRish looking loco. I chose the WOW Steam but I am not thrilled with the motor control, nor the lack of control over the BEMF settings. I installed an ESU LokSound decoder in a friend’s diesel and was very impressed. Now I’m switching to ESU LokSound Full Throttle for everything. Buying a Lok Programmer and going… well… Full Throttle!

    • Glad I could help, Greg – I think you’ll be pleased. I know I am. And I also know it’s just going to get better as ESU releases more steam files that have been given the Full Throttle treatment.

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