Full Throttle Steam on TrainMasters TV

The current segment on TrainMasters TV features my CNR 10-wheeler #1532, fitted with a LokSound decoder and loaded with Full Throttle Steam:

DCC Full Throttle Steam

Click on the image above – or follow this link – to start watching. You need to be a subscriber to TrainMasters TV to see it, but membership is quite reasonable.

(UPDATE: ESU has now released the first Full Throttle Steam file – based on SOO Line #1003, a 2-8-2. It’s at the top of the on ESU’s steam download page. For future reference, note that Full Throttle steam – and diesel – sound files are noted by the “(FT)” at the end of the name. Thanks to Matt Forsyth for alerting me that the first file is now publicly available.)

9 thoughts on “Full Throttle Steam on TrainMasters TV

  1. Just saw it this morning – very exciting! Just one quick question: the cool brake squeal you commented on at the end – was that an automatic sound resulting from throttling down or the result of pressing a brake function button? Looking forward to more installments – especially hoping to hear chuff synchronized. Great show!

    • That’s automatic, Chris. It can also be activated as part of the brake function.
      On my own videos, I’ve synched the chuff. Check recent posts for those…

  2. I watched with interest first thing this morning. I was struck by how excited you were! It really came through in the video. It certainly has to be a thrill to have a sound file that is part of their product custom made for you! And what a file it is! ESU has raised the bar again. The fact that one can update their whole fleet of decoders to have the newest version without even taking the unit apart is certainly a thing to consider.
    Another thing that caught my attention was the locomotive. Seeing it in your videos, it looks good, but fits right in with the whole scene. As it should. It just looks and acts… well, real. But seeing it all by itself, on a running stand, every little detail, the painting and weathering, the smoothness of the mechanism forces one back to the reality that it is a model, not really real.
    Thanks to you, Matt and MRH (Joe) for creating and distributing this video!
    Bart Hollis

    • Hi Bart:
      These are indeed sweet locomotives. I’m very fortunate to have many talented friends in the hobby, including Simon Parent, who designed this model, worked with Fred Rouse at S Scale Loco & Supply to manufacture these as British-style photo-etched and cast kits, and then assembled several examples for himself and his friends.
      Every time I upgrade the DCC in these steam engines, I worry about busting something – just because that possibility always exists when one pulls apart a locomotive. So I’m really happy that with the LokSound decoders installed, I won’t have to do that anymore to upgrade sound files. And while this file was custom-built for me, CNR small steam will eventually be offered as part of the Full Throttle Steam line. In fact, I know that by the end of the year I’ll likely be loading new files, because Matt Herman plans to record CNR 2-6-0 89 at Strasburg this summer. (Check out this video. It’s well worth the 10 minutes.)
      Finally, we need to add Barry Silverthorn to the top of that list of people to thank. He’s the founder and driving force behind TrainMasters TV.

  3. Trevor,

    Caught it last night…well done.

    I downloaded and tested the new file last Friday, but only ran it on a decoder on the bench, rather than in a loco (have nothing available at the moment). Nice to see it in a steamer.


    • Hi Matt:
      Thanks for commenting – especially, since you alerted me to the fact that the first Full Throttle Steam file is now available for everyone to download. I’ve updated this post with that information.

  4. Trevor,


    Yes, the first FT Steam file (Soo Line 2-8-2) in both V4.0 and Select formats, was released last Friday AM on the ESU website, but with little fanfare.

    Matt Forsyth
    Forsyth Rail Services

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