Look up. Look way up.

Last night, my friends Chris Abbott and Mark Zagrodney came over for dinner and a work session.

The three of us built 20 of the 30 or so brackets needed to support my 12-volt halogen lighting system. The brackets are now up for Port Rowan and St. Williams – the two towns I’m modelling – as well as for the mainline through the Lynn Valley.

Lighting brackets over Port Rowan

Lighting brackets over Port Rowan.

Lighting brackets over St. Williams

Lighting brackets over St. Williams.

The brackets feature hinged sections at their base that will allow us to adjust the beam from the 10-watt halogen floodlights so as much light as possible falls on the layout itself.

Next time we get to work on lights, we’ll build and install brackets for the 20-watt spotlights, which will highlight key scenes around the layout. They will be easier since the fixtures include their own adjustable mounts.

The lights will eventually be hidden behind a valance.

Dinner for our work session was basic yet hearty bangers’n’mash (otherwise known as sausages and mashed potatoes).

Rowe Farms does an excellent selection of sausages. We enjoyed Hot Mexican, Honey and Garlic, and French Herb – served with a variety of great mustards from Anton Kozlik.

Rowe also had lovely potatoes which I finished with organic milk and local butter.

We washed down our feast with an appropriate brew – Celt Bronze Ale from Wales. Highly recommended.

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