Port Rowan Main Street :: 1956

While this is correct for the era I model, Main Street in Port Rowan is south (beyond the backdrop) of what I model. Still, it’s an interesting photo of the community I’m modelling, and I’m grateful that it was shared via the Stories and Legends of Long Point and Port Rowan Area group on Facebook.

Port Rowan - Main Street - 1956

Not to be too grim, but perhaps C. Leslie Clark ships an occasional coffin (loaded or empty) as express on The Daily Effort

8 thoughts on “Port Rowan Main Street :: 1956

    • That’s a long way to go for snacks…
      We should discuss your snacking requirements over lunch at the usual location sometime.

  1. That’s a neat photograph. I like seeing photos of small town business districts, especially from years ago. Is that a string of Christmas lights spanning across the road? That’s something that is still seen in some small towns here in the southern USA.


    • Good eye. I’m not sure. They could be Christmas lights. They could be lights to brighten up summer nights for cottagers visiting the Long Point area…

  2. Neat picture, very cool little town. To my way of thinking it is the people that use and work the rail road that give it life, propose, and meaning. A big part of getting it to come alive and feel real.


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