Too much light

Can you have too much of a good thing?

Yes, you can.

After installing the brackets for layout lighting, I stood back and had a look at it and realized I had so many lights planned that the layout would look completely washed out. Worse, I’d be missing the sun and cloud effect that I achieved with my O scale, Maine two-foot layout – an effect illustrated by the following images:

Meet in the Quarry - Maine On2 layout.

Quarry Creeper - Maine On2 layout.

Light and Shadow stairs - Maine On2 layout.

I went back through my notes on that layout and realized I’ve planned for too many floodlights. I originally planned for a 10w flood every two feet, with a 20w spotlight every six feet or so. Looking at my On2 layout notes, I see I actually only used one 10w flood (plus a 20w spot) per six feet of layout. I will adjust my brackets accordingly.

This means that at our last work session, Chris Abbott, Mark Zagrodney and I actually made enough brackets to do all of the lighting, although some will need to be moved. I will also need to mount more brackets for the valance in places where I will no longer have lights.

But that’s easy enough to do.

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