Queen Anne’s Lace

This week, I enjoyed another wonderful email exchange with reader Dick Otto, who had some useful insights on the turntable for Port Rowan. (Thanks, Dick!)

Dick recalls – and photos support this, now that I look at them – that rather than dig a pit for the turntable bridge, the railway laid the approach track on a slight uphill grade to reach the turntable. Dick recalls it to be about a five-foot rise and that’ll certainly work on my layout.

He also points out that the turntable “pit” is quite rudimentary, describing it as…

A cribbed depression awash in a sea of Queen Anne’s Lace and other meadow flora.

CNR mogul 88 on the Port Rowan turntable.

I have not yet installed the approach track or the turntable. The table will be in front of the run-around track, to the left of the roadbed in this photo:

Port Rowan with ties - from the end of the peninsula.

But I want to spike the rail in place on the existing roadbed before I put such a large obstacle in my way.

Meantime, thanks to Dick, I can think about how I’m going to model all that Queen Anne’s Lace.

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