Updating links, and expanding the directory

I’m in the process of reviewing my entire blog (Thanks for that, Photobucket!) and I’m finding some outdated/broken links.

Have you seen this link?

Realizing that fixing every link on the blog will be onerous, I’m considering simply dropping links for those sites I list fairly frequently. I’ve reviewed my “Links” directory on the right hand side of the home page, and have updated and re-organized those so they’ll be easier to use. I’ll be adding more links as I encounter them while reviewing my blog.

So, if you find a broken link in a post – or if you find a manufacturer listed without a link – the first place you should check is the “links” list. You might find a working link there. (If not, there’s always Google…)

If you still find a broken link, let me know using the “comments” section of this post. (As I fix them, I’ll delete your comment so I can keep track of those I still need to address.)

Also, I’m gradually adding a star (*) in posts next to anything that has a link in my Links directory. And I’m adding a note to the bottom of link-heavy posts reminding readers that the up-to-date links can be found in that directory. Something like this:

(*Check the “Links” section on this blog’s home page for the most up-to-date links)

In the future, if a link breaks, the first place I’ll fix it is in the directory – not necessarily in all of the posts.

3 thoughts on “Updating links, and expanding the directory

  1. Trevor,
    Thanks for all the work I know this is taking! I’m sure I speak for others as well when I say that your blog is too valuable to lose.

  2. I’ve put all of my images on WordPress.com as part of the blog. I know there are some costs if you have loaded large images. I’ve wondered if my posts with images will persist after I’m gone. I just do not see Word press cleaning up diskspace, if a blog still get’s hits.

  3. I can only imagine the work. Thank you Trevor.

    I’m inclined to agree with David’s point. Content on my blog is also stored at WordPress. Further that since they’re probably hoping folks are driven to the blog chasing the pretty pictures (or, in my case, a study of “how not to take a photograph”) which must be an income stream for them they might choose to maintain the content long after my eventual interest in shuttering Prince Street has passed.


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