Bridge mockups

I’ve built and installed abutments for the two steel bridges on my layout and thought I’d mock up a couple of scenes to assess how they look. So here goes…

Lynn Valley twin-span girder bridge - mock-up.

I’ve built a twin-span steel girder deck bridge based on the prototype structure across the Lynn River on the adjacent Port Dover branch. This is known as the Pennington Bridge today, and is part of the Lynn Valley Rail Trail.

Obviously, I must still paint the abutments, add rail and so on. The scenery will come up to the bottom of the centre pier, too – until then, I must squint and imagine a narrow slice of daylight between bridge and river, plus all those trees framing the scene.

Inspired by a short span across Stone Church Road in Rymal – well away from what I’m modelling on the layout but still crossed by the trains that worked the Port Rowan branch – I’ve included a short steel girder deck bridge across a road just south of St. Williams. No, it’s not there on the prototype, but it’ll be a nice spot to photograph trains:

Stone Church Road bridge - mock-up.

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