A most enjoyable day…

I spent a most enjoyable day at my friend’s place, laying track in Delhi, Ontario.

Pierre Oliver is the artist in residence at Elgin Car Shops* and the brass hat of the HO scale Wabash Buffalo Division. A few of us make the trip to his basement on a semi-regular basis to work on the layout.

Rich Chrysler – mentioned previously on this blog – was on hand. Like me, he’s on track duty, and was busy hammering in spikes in Tillsonburg. Brian Dickey was slinging scenic goop in Aylmer: I hope he cleaned up well before getting back into the shuttlecraft to fly everyone home. And John Mellow was delighted to discover that no glue is required for peel’n’stick windows as he worked on a feed mill.

We were joined for part of the day by two guests – Don Janes and George Dutka. Both are excellent modellers and regular contributors to the hobby press, and I’ve exchanged many emails with them over the years. It was a real treat to put faces and voices to the names. I hope to see them again soon.

I love days like this. I always come back from these sessions inspired to work on my own layout, which is why I made some time this morning to share photos of my progress on bridges for the Port Rowan branch.

Pierre has been building a couple more CNR cabooses for me, from the excellent S scale kit from Ridgehill Scale Models*. They are almost finished and were on display in his shop. It will come as no surprise to anybody who has seen these, but they received rave reviews.

For my part, I brought along CNR 1532 so everyone could have a look. People used to The Most Popular Scale are always quite impressed by the presence of S, enjoying its heft advantages over HO while noting that it’s not as overpowering as O:

Portrait - CNR 1532 in 1:64.

And yes, one of the attendees at our work session uttered those magic words, “If I didn’t already have all this HO…”

Thanks for a most enjoyable day, guys!

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